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    Showtime in less than a week! Can you believe it?! Countdown starts today folks and we are READY FREDDY 😃 Here’s the schedule for this week: Monday– regular classes at the studio. Tuesday-Tap and Jazz mashup! Tuesday and Thursday tap classes at 7:00pm followed by Tuesday and Thursday jazz classes at 8:00pm. Wednesday– no classes at the studio because we’ll be Onstage, baby! Rhythmic Movements will be onstage and Ready To Go at 5:00pm. Partners, Finale, and Wednesday tap, jazz, and contemporary need to be Ready To Go at 7:00pm Thursday– there are no classes, and no rehearsals. Friday– Dress Rehearsal! Be at the theater, Ready To Go at 6:00pm.…

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    Brand New

    We have been hard at work getting this new website up and running. We will be integrating it with our YouTube page, and an email to reach us at. Excitement is always around the bend. Get it? Bend? Flexible? Dance. We crack ourselves up sometimes.