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    Happy Holidays 2018

    Once again we’ll be onstage at Christmas In The Park this holiday season! This coming Wednesday at 7:00pm, we’ll have a show that’s free for everyone to watch! Stage is located by the biggest tree in the center of the park. You can bring the whole family, come early for the famous hot chocolate, check out all the community trees, and ride the carnival rides!  Make sure to get to the stage early as there is limited seating. Our Junior and Senior Rhythmic Movements, our littlest dancers, and some of our hardworking adults will all be performing that night. We are all so excited to have you come out and…

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    Pizza Party! 

    Have you ordered your pizzas yet? we have a cast party every after the Sunday show and we have pizza and fun! Please check with Barbara tonight, tomorrow, and Friday to get your order placed. Cash only!

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    Superstars, Divas & Legends

    Showtime in less than a week! Can you believe it?! Countdown starts today folks and we are READY FREDDY 😃 Here’s the schedule for this week: Monday– regular classes at the studio. Tuesday-Tap and Jazz mashup! Tuesday and Thursday tap classes at 7:00pm followed by Tuesday and Thursday jazz classes at 8:00pm. Wednesday– no classes at the studio because we’ll be Onstage, baby! Rhythmic Movements will be onstage and Ready To Go at 5:00pm. Partners, Finale, and Wednesday tap, jazz, and contemporary need to be Ready To Go at 7:00pm Thursday– there are no classes, and no rehearsals. Friday– Dress Rehearsal! Be at the theater, Ready To Go at 6:00pm.…

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    Easter weekend coming up!

    Hello dance family! We have regularly scheduled classes this week, except for Saturday! We are in the studio from Monday to Friday only. Please call us with any questions you may have, and remember to Like our Facebook page to keep up with announcements! Thanks so much! -TSoD

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    Rhythmic Movements Performance Feb. 12!

    Join us on the 12th of February at the “Travel and Adventure” show. We’ll be at the Santa Clara Convention Center at 12:00pm on the Global Beats Stage. Easy to remember! Be there at 12:00 on the 12th! 🙂 We always love to perform for our friends and family, so be sure to get your tickets and come see us! Check out the link for more info and we’ll see you there! -TSoD

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    Monthly Rate Changes for 2017

    Our monthly rates will be changing on March 1, 2017! Please make a note in your calendar for the following amounts: 1 class/month $65.00 2 classes/month $120.00 3 classes/month $170.00 4 classes/month $200.00 5 classes and up/month $225.00 Please ask your teacher if you have any questions. We are in the studio Monday through Saturday. Check the schedules page for times. Thank you! Keep on dancing, TSoD

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    Costume Deposits Due- and Sizes Needed

    All costume deposits are $30.00 for each costume, and annual registration are due! Please ask your teacher the number of costumes you or your child has. Also come in to your or your child’s class to ensure the size ordered will also fit in July. It is easier to make a costume smaller than to make a costume bigger. 🙂 Thank you so much for coming to class every week, we love to see your smiling faces! It is so important to have you here for putting on a successful show for all of our fans! Please make payments via check or cash to TUDE’S SCHOOL OF DANCE. Remember, you…